Outdoor TVs in the UK – How to choose the right type of outdoor TV?

When you host a backyard barbecue, a lot of elements need to be in place – a deck, comfortable seating, a hot outdoor grill and plenty of good food. Playing music or streaming the commentary of the big game? That makes the event even more special. But let’s face it – if there is a big football or rugby game on the telly, it’s pretty hard to drag your entire entertainment system outside – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Invite all of your family and mates round to watch the game or a great film on your state of the art outdoor TV. Your back garden will be transformed by installing an outdoor TV – but how do you choose the right one? You have a few main options to choose from: LED, LCD, Plasma and Android. Which one is best? How to choose between LCD, LED and Plasma outdoor TVs? The three most common types out outdoor TVs (and TVs in general) are LCD, LED and Plasma. What are the differences? LCD: Comprised of liquid crystals that are pressed between 2 glass plates, and then backed by a fluorescent lamp. LED: An LCD TV that then uses LED backlighting (instead of the more traditional cold cathode fluorescent backlighting). Plasma: Very thin and light; filled with a sheet of plasma cells that also contain electrically charged ionized gases. You need to compare the Contrast Ratios:  To decide on the best option for you, you need to have a look at the contrast ratios. These are used to determine your TV’s specific ability to display bright and dark images and create an overall picture. A higher contrast ratio will mean a better picture for your outdoor TV. Most LCD TVs have a contrast ratio of 600:1 resolution. If you can afford to, go for something higher; never go any lower than this. Do you need Fast Motion? Are you planning to watch a lot of sport, or you like to watch your high speed action movies, you need to think about how well your outdoor TV can handle fast motion.LCD is the best bet for fast motion (and is the choice for most gamers). How long do you want your outdoor TV to last? Obviously we all want our electronics to last a long time in good condition, but if you are planning to upgrade your tech every few years, this point will matter less to you. That said, LCD TVs last longer than Plasmas and LED – they usually have a half-life that is between 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours. What will you be using your outdoor TV for? Again, you need to think about the main reasons you will be watching your outdoor TV. A huge gamer? You need a big screen LCD wall mounted TV. Prefer to have folks over to watch the game or see a film? Any of the options will likely work for you. Planning to use your screen for both business and pleasure? A mirrored option does double duty. An Android Touchscreen TV You have another choice to make, and it is one that works very well for outdoor TV installation in the UK. An Android touchscreen TV allows you to watch all of the online channels and platforms that you love (such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube) with a touchscreen rather than a remote control. You’ll never have to worry about your remote getting lost outdoors!Just remember – if you have your heart set on a plasma screen or LCD option, an Android might not be for you. Their screens all use LED technology.