*1. What color options are available for the TV?*
– Our TVs come in black mirror, white, and can be customized in gold.

*2. How long is the warranty for the TV?*
– The warranty is valid for one year, complemented by an after-care service for peace of mind.

*3. What does the warranty cover for my purchase?*
– It covers all electrical components of the TV and the waterproof remote control.

*4. What does the warranty for my purchase not cover?*
– The warranty does not cover customer-induced faults due to accidents, neglect, or intentional misuse.

*5. Can my TV’s glass panel be repaired if damaged by the fitter?*
– Certainly, we provide repairs for both the glass panel and internal electrical components, ensuring a comprehensive TV restoration.

*6. How can I send the TV back for a warranty repair?*
– Send us an email with your purchase details, and we’ll schedule a collection at your convenience. Initial repair time is typically 2 to 3 days.

*7. What health and safety points should be observed when uninstalling a recessed TV?*
– Only allow a qualified installer to handle TV uninstallation. Cover the wall hole and place all electrical wires inside for safety. We strongly recommend concealing the hole and wires for overall safety precautions.