Ten Tips for Installing your Outdoor TV

In the market for a new outdoor TV in the UK? The team here at Sarason regularly fields inquiries from thousands of consumers across Great Britain who want to give their outdoor patio and garden area a boost of style and technology. One of the best ways to breathe new life into your outdoor space is to install a waterproof outdoor TV. Imagine spending your spring and summer evenings by a fire pit, watching your favourite TV shows or a classic film. Hosting movies parties, kids sleepovers, hot tub soaks or BBQs – all of these events will be transformed with a new outdoor TV. While our team of experts are happy to install your outdoor TV wherever you would like it to be, you might be considering installing it yourself. If so, here is a list of tips that can help you install your outdoor TV easily, safely and without hassle. • Inquire about an IP rated enclosure – You can protect your outdoor TV from water damage (even though they are fully waterproofed), heat damage, dirt & dust, and theft by asking us about an IP enclosure. IP stands for ingress protection, and they can really protect your investment for many years to come. • Choose a place in the shade – While you might like baking in the sun, your outdoor TV does not! Not only can direct sunlight cause damage over the years, when you view your screen you will see things more clearly when it is in the shade. In direct sunlight, your LCD or LED screen can be difficult to see. Place your back garden TV in the shade from an awning, gazebo, overhang or eave. • What to do if you have no shade?No shade in your garden? No problem – we have solutions, such as the enclosures above and high brightness panels. Another smart tip is to face your TV to the South, as this will help it to avoid the harsh afternoon sun and will make it easier for you to view any time of day. • Use short HDMI cables –While you might want to run your HDMI cables into the house, remember that they were not designed to run long distances. If you do so, you might see a decrease in efficacy or have to replace them often. Instead, run CAT5/6 cables to your outdoor TV, and then use a HDMI to CAT converter in order toto switch the signal back to HDMI format. • Ensure that your power supply is also IP rated – Remember – you need to keep your TV and all power points safe. If your power point is going to be exposed to all kinds of weather, it is a good idea to have a licensed electrician install an IP rated system with a cover over the cord/ socket connection. • Your wall mount is important – We get some pretty heavy duty winds here in the UK, and so you need to ensure that your wall mount is very secure. It needs to be weather rated so that it will hold your outdoor TV and the mount itself to the wall in the case of a major storm. • A pivoting wall mount can save your neck – Speaking of your wall mount, many of our clients choose to go with a pivoting option. This allows you to point the TV towards wherever you are sitting, swivelling with ease to make your life easier. • External speakers can bring your viewing experience to life –Finally, if you have decided to install an outdoor TV in your UK home, why not add to the experience by hooking it up to external speakers? A surround sound option can bring every film to life.

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