One of the most exciting things about staying at a luxury hotel has got to be the chance to use an exquisite bathroom. When it comes to your hotel bathroom, it can really make or break your stay – nowhere is better for relaxing than in a spa-inspired soaker tub while watching a film on a bathroom TV.

After you stay at a posh hotel, it can be a bit of a let down to go home and spend time in your own bathroom. After all, this room in your house is usually designed for function over form. You use this space to wash the dog, store your toiletries and get ready for work – it might not be ideally designed for pure rest and relaxation, and that can be less than soothing.

If you are hoping to create a sanctuary in your home, a place where you can pamper your mind, body and soul, follow these seven tips. You can give your bathroom at home a luxury hotel make over, all without spending a fortune. 

  1. A Hollywood mirror surrounded by soft lighting – When it comes to changing the mood in your bathroom, lighting is everything. By adding large mirror surrounded by soft light bulbs, you can really make the room feel a lot larger. You’ll feel ultra glamourous whenever you get ready in your old Hollywood bathroom.
  2. A waterproof bathroom TV – Nothing will make your bathroom feel as high end and luxurious as a wall mounted bathroom TV at the end of the tub. Just imagine being able to soak in the bath as you watch your favourite film or catch up on Netflix – sheer bliss.
  3. Soft and thick bath sheetsand robes – One of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom is to invest in a set of thick and fluffy bath sheets. These towels are even bigger than a typical design, and are perfect for draping over your body when you get out of the shower. A robe will make the experience even more luxurious.
  4. A waterfall shower head and tiled wet room –If you have the extra space, create a tiled wet room with an elegant waterfall showerhead. This rainforest experience gives you the change to trying steam your troubles away and relax.
  5. High end toiletries – One of the best parts of staying at a five star hotel is using all of their high end lotions and potions. While the full size products from some of these brands can be quite expensive, you can head to TK Maxx to find them at highly discounted rates. For less than a tenner you can find full sized bottles of liquid soaps, hand lotions, bath salts and body scrubs.
  6. Soothing colours can make all the difference – While bright colours certainly do have their time and place, when you are trying to create tranquility, it’s best to stick to neutrals. Opt for calming blue, soothing grey, lush cream and rich beige – all will make your space look and feel larger.
  7. Potted plants bring life and oxygen to the space – While your bathroom might not get much external light, it does have a lot of humidity – and this makes it perfect for certain kinds of plants. Orchids and peace lilies love the damp heat and are absolutely lovely, but for something leafy and large, go for a Boston fern or Pothos plant.