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19″ Waterproof Bathroom Mirror Smart Option TV via Firestick LG Panel Exquisite: Pre order 16th July

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Discover the latest SARASON TV, where all your preferred shows and content, from NETFLIX to YOUTUBE and BBC iPlayer, are readily accessible. Whether it’s for the kids or your leisure, enjoy seamless streaming anytime once you add an Amazon Firestick to the TV. With its slim speaker design, this sleek 19″ bathroom TV ensures the best sound quality for your viewing pleasure.

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19″ 2024 Waterproof Bathroom Mirror Smart Option TV

Introducing the latest SARASON Elegant Bathroom Mirror TV, redesigned in the UK with Bluetooth functionality. This innovative mirror TV keeps you connected with the latest news, your favourite TV shows, or movies while you enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath or a refreshing shower.
Relax and Unwind with SARASON
Explore our new collection of Bathroom TVs, from Smart Android TVs to simpler Non-Smart options. With straightforward connectivity via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, these TVs offer a straightforward way to bring modern technology into your home, providing an instant and stylish tech update.
Durability Meets Design
Our entire range of TVs boasts an IP65 certification, ensuring they are resilient against water damage. This means you can relax and enjoy your chosen series, stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more, catch up on programmes with BBC iPlayer, or enjoy soothing music from Spotify, all while nestled comfortably in your bathroom.
Key Features

Heated Glass Screen

Coaxial inputs for DVB-T2/C, DVB-S2

RF Digital TV input


1 x USB inputs

3.5mm earphone input/ Audio Out



Product Specifications

Resolution: 1920*1080.

Contrast: 1000:1.

Audio: in built 2 x 5 watt speakers.

TV system: PAL.

Aspect ratio: 16:9 (widescreen).

Colors: 16.2 million.

Power: 110 – 240v (dc 12v/4a adapter).

Certifications: CE, WEEE, ROHS, IP65 waterproof rating.

Brightness: 300 cd/m2.

Viewing angle (h / v): 170 / 170 degrees.

Osd menu: multilingual – 8 languages.

Package Content

Luxury 19″ led television set.

Metal installation back box (for in-wall application).

Waterproof remote.

Screws and fittings.

12v power adapter and wired plug.

User manual and installation guide.

Product Features

Product Features


Wall Bracket Mounting Plate

Dimensions TV Front Glass Screen

Power Adaptor Dimensions

Power Lead & Adaptor Lead Total

Video functions such as the netflix but cant navigate (blue button) (see Netflix Guide):

Press the blue button on the remote this will enable the mouse mode

How to tue the tv in to normal freeview tv:

Ensure the Ariel Cable is plugged into the DVB-T2 port on the back of the tv, – Press: Source>DVB-T>Digital Auto Tune

How to connect external speakers:

Ensure the speakers used have a 3.5mm AUX port, you are required a 3.5mm AUX cable to connect to the tv and speakers. connect the AUX cable to the earphone out port and the other end to the speakers or the amp for the speaker.

No power:

Please check if there is a red standby light on the tv – then you turn the tv on with the remote it turns green if not please check the battery on the remote – check the unit in another power supply (take it to another room and test it there) – check to see if the transformer had a green light on there too) – also check the age of the tv

Setting up WIFI:

On the smart tv home page scroll down to settings > network settings > select wireless Network > find your network and login

Fitting a DC extender:

To Fit a DC extender you will need to use the DC pin which plugs into the tv and connect the the Fe-male end of the extension cable, once that is done connect the male end of the extension cable to the tv

How to do a Factory Reset:

On the smart tv home page go down to setting > common>system recovery> factory reset

How to set up with SONOS:

Want to ensure in Sound -Digital Audio Output is on Auto Then go to Function-CEC Enable CEC Enable ARC at the bottom Then I had to turn TV off and on again to do what’s called a ‘handshake’ to draw the sound out

Can i cast on this tv:

Yes download an app called E-share

What core processor does the Watervue tvs have?

The Watervue Bathroom tvs run on a Quad processor

What connections are on the back?

DC12v for power, R-L Video in, RJ45 for Internet connection, DVB-T2/C for Freeview, DVB-S2, Ear-phone Out 3.5mm AUX, 2x USB, 1x HDMI, Coaxial out, Antenna for WIFI 19” and 24” smart 19” and 24” non smart, 32” and 43” smart – AV, DBV-T2/C, Scart, Audio Out, USB, 3x HDMI, RJ45, WIFI 32” and 43” non smart – AV, DVB-T2/C, Scart, Audio out, USB, 3x HDMI

Unpacking the TV

Locating the back box 19” and 24”: – The backbox is already attached to the tv via magnets, turn the tv around and lay it on flat surface, the back of the tv is smaller you will be able to lift the backbox off the tv,

No signal:

Ensure the Ariel Cable is plugged into the DVB-T2 port on the back of the tv Please check your Source and it is on DVB-T and a Digital Auto Tune is carried out

Removing your TV from the wall:

(cutting through the sealant) In the even that the TV needs to be removed from the wall, its important to follow these instructions. Switch off the TV at the mains supply Cut through the silicone sealant all around the TV with a sharp knife. Be sure the seal is broken all around the TV before removing it. Very gently place a blunt object behind the metal behind the glass in each side and ease the tv forwards until you can get your fingers behind the lip of the TV Gently pull the TV towards you until its free from the backbox Remove the Cable mounting plate and disconnect the power and input cables.

No picture but there is sound:

Advised to replace the power cable (please check if the customer is under warranty) – If that doesn’t work to get the tv back in an inspected (please check if the customer is in warranty)

How to check remote control is working:

Using the front camera of your smartphone (selfie Mode) point the sensor of the remote on the camera and press buttons a purple light will show up to indicate if the remote is working or not (it is advised to check the power button first them any other button to ensure its just not one button thats not working) – If you see a purple light and you are not pressing any buttons that means a button is stuck, we will need to replace the remote if it is in warranty if its not customers would have to buy one off the website – If no light appears advise is to check the battery, if its in correctly and the correct battery is inside if all fails replace under warranty if they are covered If not direct them to the website. HDMI input supports CEC to allow control of input devices – there is CEC control and can manage this function as long as devices also support CEC control 32inch audio there is: • Built-in amplifier for connecting to speakers via speaker wire • 3.5mm auxiliary • Digital coaxial audio out • HDMI ARC

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SARASON TVs are strategically designed to walk the fine line between superior quality and affordability, SARASON’s Android televisions are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, including home bathrooms and hotel rooms.





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