Buying a waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV in the UK


Turning your bathroom into an entertainment hub is simple and quick with the mounting system included in any
Sarason TV purchase. Our bathroom TV wall mounting system is minimal and unobtrusive, guaranteeing that
your media is the focal point not the hardware.

Waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV

Buying a waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV in the UK

We all know that television technology has undergone huge transitions over the decades. .While earlier televisions were housed in a cumbersome box, LCD Televisions are now the more popular option. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs are thinner lighter TV that offer excellent resolution and state of the art viewing options.

There are a wide range of LCD Televisions available in the market, designed to meet any user preference.

Whether you plan to use your LCD TV in the bathroom to entertain your kids during bath time or you need a big screen LCD projector to use in a conference or meeting room, Sarason has you covered.

One of our most popular bathroom TV in the UK is the 26 inch waterproof Bathroom Mirror LCD TV. Our clients really love the versatility and ease of use of this TV, as it can be used both as a mirror and TV (and so much more).

How to pick a waterproof LCD bathroom TV:

When you start shopping for an LCD Television, there are a number of things you should consider, such as resolution, graphics, screen size and overall size of the unit. Noted below are important points that will help guide you towards the ideal LCD TV for your home.

Understanding the difference between outdoor TV models:

The three most common types of television today are the Plasma, LCD and LED options.

Plasma TVs create a picture by sending an electric charge to a small sheet of plasma cells.

LCD TVs are made up of liquid crystals pressed between two glass plates and backed by a fluorescent lamp. LEDs – These are LCD TVs that utilise LED backlighting (rather than cold cathode fluorescent backlighting).

The option that you choose should depend on what you want to use your bathroom TV for on a regular basis. Are you planning to watch a lot of news and chat shows? Any of the above should work for you. However, if you like fast moving action movies or plan to spend a lot of time gaming, you should consider going for a Big Screen LCD wall mounted TV.

That said, if you want to give your bathroom a pop of sleek style, a mirrored TV screen is the way to go. These can be used as a TV when you want to watch a film or TV, and a stylish mirror when not in use.

You always want to choose a TV set that has a contrast ratio that is higher than 600:1. If you are able to spend a bit more for a higher resolution, this is always a good choice.

Custom Mirrored TV


Choose one of our Custom Mirrored TV’s, designed to add sleek and sophisticated technology into any room of your home or business.


By adding a frame to one of our custom mirrored TV’s you can create an on-trend and stylish focal point in any room of your home or office.

Custom Mirrored TV