5 ways to make your home more tech savvy

It’s 2018, and more and more people are choosing to give their homes (and even their gardens) a tech savvy make over. So-called ‘smart’ technologies can help you to heat your home, adjust your music and watch films from the comfort of your bathtub. Recent studies show that more than one in three homes in the UK already have at least one smart device that helps to make their lives easier

What makes these products ‘smart?’ They are each connected (or have the ability to be connected) to the internet, meaning that they can be controlled from afar and regularly ‘learn’ new information to stay up to date. What’s even better is when these devices and products work together – but remember, devices from different brands and companies might not talk to each other (without some expert hacks).

We here at Sarason are massive fans of boosting your home’s technology with unique programs and devices – but we also know that the tech needs to be useful. After all, a gadget for gadget’s sake just becomes a costly hassle!

Here are our top five ways to make your home work for you with these tech savvy innovations. 

  1. Amazon Echo: £149.99, Amazon
    It seems like everyone is talking about Amazon Echo, and there is a reason – this system comes with its own virtual assistant called Alexa. Sound good? Well, we all need a personal assistant! Shaped like a cylinder (think a tube of Pringles), Alexa works with all kinds of other household gadgets, inclyding Fitbit, Nest, bathroom TVs and British Gas. It will help you do all kinds of things around the house, including adjusting your heat, your music volume, order an Uber or telling you your current weight.
  1. An Android TV for your bath or garden: Prices vary, Sarason
    Android TVs allow you to connect to the internet, play your podcats and watch films, television and Youtube via a touch screen. Sarason has wide array of waterproof Android TVs that you can use for your bathroom or your outdoor garden/pation area.
  1. Nest Learning Thermostat: £279, Nest
    The Nest system is a brilliant thermostat that can also be wall mounted on a portable stand. It communicates with your boiler, radiators, and water heater, and helps you keep everything in your home at the perfect temperature. When you leave, the sensor automatically switches off, saving you money. You can control your Nest from smartphone app.
  1. Elgato Eve Degree: £59.95, Apple
    One of the most common topics of conversation in the UK is always the weather – so why not set up your home with some weather sensing technology. Elgato Eve Degree is a small and attractive weather sensor that you can combine with your Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest and countless other apps and devices.
    1. Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit: £139.99, Argos
      If you want to transform your home, switching up your lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do it.The Philips Hue range has a huge array of lighting options, and the Ambiance Starter Kit is the best way to get started. Mix things up with an array of different bulbs and brightness options.

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