Turning your bathroom into an entertainment hub is simple and quick with the mounting system included in your purchase of a SARASON TV. The transformation is completed using a minimal and unobtrusive design which will ensure that your media is the focal point of in room, not ungainly television wall mounts.
Waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV in the UK

The Television industry has experienced huge changes with times. Earlier Televisions were available in a box type now LCD Televisions are more popular. LCD or Liquid Crystal Display are thinner and lighter sets of Television using the LCD display technology.
There are a wide range of LCD Televisions available in the market, that fulfill specific entertainment requirements of the user, for example big screen LCD projector used in conference or meeting rooms, 26 inch Waterproof Bathrooms Mirror LCD TV which can be used both as a mirror and TV and much more.

How to Pick a LCD waterproof bathroom TV:

While shopping for an LCD Television there are a number of things you should consider such as resolution, graphics, screen size and so much more. noted below are certain points that will help guide you to purchasing an LCD TV.

Understand the Difference:

The three most common types of televisions being sold nowadays are the Plasma, LCD and LED. Plasma TVs create a picture by sending electric charge to a small sheet of plasma cells. LCD TVs are made up of liquid crystals pressed between two glass plates and backed by a fluorescent lamp. LEDs are Televisions sets using LED lights to display an image on the screen.

Compare Contrast Ratios:

The Contract Ratio is used to determine your TV’s ability to display bright and dark images together. TV’s with a higher contrast ratio will always deliver a better image quality. Most LCD Television Set come with a 600:1 resolution. If possible choose a higher resolution, but do not settle for a lower one.

Consider Fast Motion:

If you are a fan of watching action movies then you might want to consider how well your Television set handles fast motion. LCD Televisions offer a better motion quality than other TV’s.

Consider the Lifespan of Televisions:

It is of utmost importance to consider the lifespan of your Television Set so you can determine how long your new TV will last. LCD Televisions usually have a higher lifespan than plasma TV’s. LCD TVs generally have a half-life between 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours.

Other than the above noted points it is also essential to consider the purpose of use you have with the Television set. If you are an all-time gamer go ahead for the Big Screen LCD wall TV and if you are a stock market expert and require to follow updates 24 hours opt for a Big Screen Mirror TV that you can install in your bathroom as well as bedroom.


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